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We Bring the Great Lakes Together.

The Council of the Great Lakes Region provides a binational, multi-sector forum for exchange and collaboration on the region’s key risks and opportunities. Beginning with conversations about the Region’s most critical issues, the Council encourages those with common interests to drive commitment and action through dialogue groups, research, advocacy, and programs.

Dialogue. Trust.

The Council provides a virtual and in-person forum for focused dialogue on critical topics in the region. Online, we publish forward-looking research, curate insights on relevant issues, and foster discussions that will move the region forward.

Workforce & Education

Building our economy through advanced skills and learning


Protecting the Great Lakes for future generations

Circular Economy

Closing the loop for the most valuable materials

Trade & Border

Facilitating the secure movement of people and goods​


Harnessing the power of our diverse energy systems ​

Smart Cities

Integrating technology into tomorrow's infrastructure​

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Great Lakes Higher Education Consortium
Great Lakes Ready
Circular Great Lakes

Key Programs

Let's Work Together

The Council’s programs provide opportunities for deeper engagement and collaboration on pressing issues, such as workforce development, sustainability, and trade. Check out our current programs or contact us to discuss potential partnerships.

Insights from Our President & CEO

Mark Fisher

Today, this region of the United States and Canada is home to 107 million people living in iconic cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto, and Montreal, making it the 12th largest nation in the world by population, if it were a country. Encompassing eight states, from New York to Minnesota, and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, this region forms 75% of the 5,525-mile (8,891 km) border between the two countries.