WEBINAR: Climate Migration – Is the Great Lakes Region a Climate Haven?

Watch the recording from the webinar by clicking below! 

The climate crisis and environmental pressures are increasing at an alarming pace. It is projected that within the next 50 years, at least 1 billion people globally could be left needing to migrate due to climate change and climate disasters. People will move to where the resources are, and in North America, that’s the Great Lakes region. 

With a relatively stable climate, rich farmland, and 20% of the world’s surface freshwater, people, companies, and investors are seeing opportunity in the Great Lakes. More people moving to the region means population growth, which could translate to economic growth, but it also means increased demand for affordable housing and infrastructure. Is the region ready?

Building off growing research and a recent story published by MLive on a climate haven in a warming world, we looked at the Great Lakes region and explored the migration that is already happening and what we can expect in the coming years and decades.

This webinar featured a panel of data scientists, researchers and government representatives who discussed the reality of climate migration and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Event Panelists: 

Derek Van Berkel, Assistant Professor, School for the Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan
Missy Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Director, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Amiel Handelsman, Michigan Resident and Climate Migrant

Event Moderators: 

Lindsay Moore, Statewide Economy Reporter, MLive.com
Sheri McWhirter, Statewide Environment Reporter, MLive.com
Lora Shrake, Senior Program Director, Business and Sustainability, Council of the Great Lakes Region
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