WEBINAR: The ESG Landscape and Contextualizing it for the Great Lakes Region

Watch the recording from the webinar below! 

The ESG movement is indicative of a fundamental shift in the global economy. Companies that develop a thoughtful approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance to help manage risks and build resilience have an opportunity for competitive advantage and improved long-term performance, benefiting their business and the region(s) in which they operate. ESG reporting and disclosure is a quickly evolving space and will have implications for public and private companies operating in the Great Lakes region. 

Public companies will be increasingly exposed to new reporting standards and mandatory disclosure regulations focused on consistent and comparable disclosure for investors. This will eventually include Scope 3 GHG emissions, which extends into the supply chains of organizations. Private companies with large publicly traded customers will face growing pressure to report their GHG emissions to customers so they can fulfil these disclosure obligations. 

These efforts do not happen overnight, and a significant amount of change management is required to effectively navigate this new territory.

CGLR’s April webinar featured Sarah Keyes, CEO of ESG Global Advisors, who addressed the important topic of ESG in business and contextualized it for the Great Lakes region. She answered questions such as:

  • What is ESG and how does it differ from CSR?
  • Why is ESG important for the Great Lakes region? what do businesses need to know?
  • How do businesses get started with integrating ESG into their management?

During the webinar, Sarah also took questions from the audience and shared examples of good practice.

Event Speaker:

Sarah Keyes, CEO, ESG Global Advisors

Sarah Keyes is an ESG and climate change expert with over a decade of experience. Today, she regularly presents to Executive teams and Boards of Directors on the link between ESG and climate change with performance and long-term value, and helps her clients establish ESG and climate change strategies. 

Previously, Sarah was a Principal at CPA Canada where she guided companies in integrating climate change considerations into business strategy, risk management, governance, and reporting. She has also held senior roles at PwC and MNP working with the energy and mining sectors. 

She is the Academic Director and Lead Instructor for the Institute for Corporate Directors (ICD)’s Board Oversight of Climate Change program. She also facilitates a module on ESG and sustainable finance in the ICD’s Director Education Program and sits on the Boards of Leading Change and Sustainable Buildings Canada.

Event Moderator:

Lora Shrake, Senior Program Director, Business and Sustainability, Council of the Great Lakes Region 

Lora Shrake is the Senior Program Director, Business and Sustainability for the Council of the Great Lakes Region. With over 20 years of experience, Lora has dedicated her career to the environment and sustainability issues. Her management and leadership spans across non-profit operations, environmental program management, stakeholder engagement, strategy, and research.

Prior to joining CGLR, Lora led a national green building council in the United Arab Emirates where she oversaw all aspects of the organization’s cross-functional development, including its impact and reach.

About ESG Global Advisors

As a trusted partner of both companies and investors, we are driven by an informed belief that Environmental, Social and Governance issues matter and that businesses that incorporate them into their decision-making stand to thrive over the long-term. We are passionate pragmatists. We know that incremental change has an exponential impact over time. That’s why our team of senior-level professionals—all with deep experience in the Capital Markets—works with you every step of the way, to develop an approach to ESG that adds value now and in the future.

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