Great Lakes Economic Forum 2018: Montreal

The Council of the Great Lakes Region is proud to host its fourth Great Lakes Economic Forum in Montréal, Québec from May 03-05, 2018.

The Council’s fourth Great Lakes Economic Forum brings together hundreds of leading industry executives, senior government officials and policy experts, academics, and change agents from the nonprofit sector who have a stake in growing the economy of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region, safely and sustainably, and improving the well-being of the Region’s citizens.

The global, North American and Great Lakes economy has never been more connected, competitive, and technology-driven. Our future however, particular with respect to trade and environmental protection, has never been more uncertain and complicated.

The fourth Great Lakes Economic Forum therefore will bring leaders from all levels of government, business, academia and the nonprofit sector in the Great Lakes Region together for two and half days of though-provoking discussions and intimate networking with Regional leaders in order to find new ways of harnessing the Region’s economic strengths and assets, improving the well-being of the Region’s citizens, and protecting the environment for future generations.

Please visit for more details about the Great Lakes Economic Forum.



Event Date

May 03-05, 2018


Montréal, QC

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