Comprehensive Water Stewardship Training

Principles, foundations, and best practices to improve water stewardship strategy and performance from the board room to the shop floor.

The Water Council, in partnership with Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), offers Water Stewardship Training that covers water stewardship concepts and best practices from the corporate level to operational level. It covers the principles and foundations of good water stewardship, as well as strategies and tools for implementing water stewardship throughout the value chain. This training is open to all interested parties on a first-come, first-served basis.

Module 1: Principles and Foundations of Water Stewardship

The first module focuses on the importance of water stewardship, how it’s different from traditional water management and why it’s important for companies to adopt a water stewardship focus. It covers important water stewardship concepts and terminologies and demystifies the landscape of various water stewardship organizations, programs and tools.

Module 2: Water Stewardship in Practice

The second module focuses on the practical components of water stewardship from the board room to the shop floor. This includes best practices for corporate or enterprise-level water stewardship, such as risk assessment and prioritization, strategy and policy development, and target and goal setting. It also includes best practices for operational water stewardship, including site assessments, watershed assessments, stakeholder engagement, contextual planning and target setting, and the implementation of water stewardship best practices.

Participants have the option of taking either or both of the modules, but we recommend attending Module 1 prior to Module 2. Members of The Water Council or Council of the Great Lakes Region receive 25% off training.

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