WEBINAR: Great Lakes Freshwater Symposium – The Impact of Phosphorus Rules on Local Water Quality

**This webinar was intended for scientists, incubators, and companies who have an interest in working together to solve water challenges in the region.

Anya Janssen, water policy specialist at the Center for Water Policy and Sea Grant University of Wisconsin water science-policy fellow,  presented key takeaways from the recent statewide conference Phosphorus: Lessons from 10+ Years of Numeric Standards for Wisconsin’s Waters.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss how lessons learned in Wisconsin can be applied to other states/provinces on the Great Lakes. They participated in breakout rooms to talk about how they can get involved in setting a phosphorus research and policy agenda for the next decade.

This is the first event in a series of quarterly water symposiums sponsored by the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin and the new, binational Great Lakes Higher Education Consortium that is powered by Council of the Great Lakes Region. These symposiums seek to encourage and advance collaborations, share science across borders, encourage students in research and career opportunities and present research that is solving real-world problems.

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