Oct. 27-29 Reuters Events
Responsible Business USA

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COVID-19 has shown the fragility and vulnerability of business, society and the global economic system. With mass unemployment, social unrest, digital acceleration, threats to democratic process and a continuing pandemic, businesses, investors, institutions and government must examine themselves as well as the systems within which they reside.

The Reuters Events for Sustainability convenes Responsible Business USA 2020 virtually October 27-29 to do just that, centered around the notion that ‘business must lead the new world order built on resilience, sustainability, and equality.’

The Council of the Great Lakes Region is pleased to join Reuters Events in this effort as an event partner. The conversations at the national and international level mirror the dialogues we are convening across the region:  sustainable business, climate change, clean energy, and mobility, among others.

The virtual summit is sponsored in part by Great Lakes companies Dow, GSK, and SC Johnson, and features speakers from General Motors, General Mills, and Procter and Gamble, among others. Like the Great Lakes Economic Forum, the virtual nature extends the accessibility of this event. Register for the summit below.

The program for Wednesday, October 28, 2020 will conclude in time for people to join the Great Lakes Economic Forum Virtual event on the Circular Economy at 4:00 ET/3:00 CT, featuring Clarios CSO Adam Muellerweiss and O-I Glass CSO Randy Burns. Register for that event below.

Banner photo  by Marc Thunis on Unsplash