Regulatory Cooperation

The Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region is home to 50% of Canadian and 20% of American manufacturing. Moreover, our proximity to the U.S.-Canada border means that our region is uniquely affected by changes to cross-border regulatory costs and efficiencies.

The Regulatory Cooperation Council, launched by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper as part of the declaration on a shared vision for perimeter security and economic competitiveness, has made important gains in the 29 sectoral initiatives that were part of Phase One activities and through its efforts to develop a continuing multi-party framework for cooperation on regulatory alignment.

As we look to support the next phase of this federal effort, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, working partners from government, business, and academia, will examine regulatory differences at the state-provincial level, or even municipal levels, in an effort to improve the ease of doing business in the region and across the US-Canada border.

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