Multi-modal Transportation & Logistics

The region is home to one of the world’s most inter-connected and integrated multi-modal systems, from the United States’ largest rail hub in Chicago to the vast network of airports, roads, pipelines, ports and waterways.

It is a system that ties every aspect of commerce in the region together and connects the region to North American marketplace and the rest of the world. As a result, the system’s economic impact on the region goes well beyond significant.

In fact, according to a report prepared for the United States’ Transportation Research Board as part of is National Cooperative Freight Research Program, in 2007 induced and indirect impacts from freight transportation industries in the region accounted for 3.8 million jobs, $627 billion is gross output, $311 billion in gross domestic product, $200 billion in personal income, and $87 billion in taxes.

But, in building a 21st century regional economy, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, working with partners from business, government and academia, will explore how we can best optimize the freight transportation system to give shippers more transportation options and make the region more competitiveness in today’s just-in-time marketplace.

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