Infrastructure Modernization

Modernizing Infrastructure in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region

The McKinsey Global Institute estimated in its recent report, “Infrastructure Productivity: How to Save $1 Trillion a Year”, that keeping pace with projected global GDP growth will require an estimated $57 trillion in infrastructure investment before 2030 (or nearly 60% more than the $36 trillion spent over the past 18 years). In the U.S. and Canada, the investment challenge is particularly dramatic.

In an effort to eliminate infrastructure deficits and investment gaps in the Great Lakes region the Council of the Great Lakes Region will lead an effort to modernize infrastructure by enabling regional planning and public-private partnerships as part of a Commitment to Action by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

As part of the CGI Commitment to Action, CGLR will perform an in-depth study of the policies, laws and administrative structures governing P3s in other regions of the United States and Canada to identify best practices with respect to giving the private sector a role in designing, building, financing, operating and/or maintaining public infrastructure.

The commitment to action also will study new solutions for capturing and leveraging private equity through the creation of regional infrastructure exchanges including those between groups on both sides of the U.S. and Canadian border.

Video credit: Clinton Global Initiative

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