Cross-Border Trade

Launching the Great Lakes Ready Initiative

The Council of the Great Lakes Region is proud to present to members the Great Lakes Ready initiative in partnership with the Magnet Export Business Portal.

In today’s climate of global trade and investment, companies that scale, innovate, export and attract investment are proven to be more successful. However, it’s not easy for small and medium-sized companies to understand where the business opportunities are, the risks involved with exporting, or how to get help with their growth and investment strategies.
A first-of-its-kind in North America, the Magnet Export Business Portal harnesses intelligent matching technology to help CGLR members navigate and identify relevant funding, events, trade missions and resources that can help you export your products or services.

Not exporting yet? Become a member of the Council and then create a Great Lakes Ready account to begin your export readiness journey. There are countless benefits:

  • Receive customized updates and information on export-related services, funding, resources and more
  • Learn of newly launched export opportunities and trade missions that match your business
  • Customize a dashboard and get information delivered right to your inbox


Magnet Export Business Portal

Match your business to the right trade missions, funding programs, events and more.


Great Lakes Ready is a free service available to CGLR members. The content you’ll receive is tailored to you, so there’s value here for both experienced or novice exporters!

For a quick overview of the Great Lakes Ready portal, watch this video:

Ready to get started?

It takes two minutes to sign up to the Great Lakes Ready Portal – and it’s free.

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Support for Cross-Border Trade by SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are critical drivers of growth in the 21st century economy. SMEs are underrepresented in cross-border trade in the region. Capacity constraints limit SMEs’ ability to tackle border regulations and issues, identify appropriate partners and clients on the other side of the border, and access existing government supports.

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